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Regulator's Handbook on Renewable Energy Programs & Tariffs
This handbook is a reference guide for regulators involved in the design of renewable energy programs. Written with a specific focus on tariff setting, it suggests best practices for designing renewable energy programs and highlights success stories in a series of case studies. It is divided into sections that can be read sequentially or referred to individually when particular issues arise. Key issues discussed in this Handbook include: Green Pricing; Check-off Programs; Community Aggregation; Renewable Portfolio Standards; Public Benefits Funds; and Net Metering.
Author: Jan Hamrin, Dan Lieberman, Meredith Wingate
Date: 2006-03-01
Report Type: Report
Pages: 76, 0.59Mb
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Regulator's Handbook on Tradable Renewable Certificates
As markets for green power develop, regulators must ensure that these markets function in an effective manner. Consumers must have confidence in the integrity of the product claims. Developers and purchasers of renewable resources must have a platform for transparent and fluid transactions. This Handbook will facilitate the development of these markets. This Handbook provides information to regulators, state energy offices, Attorneys General and consumer advocates regarding the development of the rapidly growing TRC market in the US and worldwide and identifies regulatory issues that would benefit from further discussion and recommendations from the regulatory community
Author: Jan Hamrin, Meredith Wingate
Date: 2003-06-01
Report Type: Report
Pages: 135, 0.98Mb
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The Renewable Energy Policy Manual
This Manual identifies those issues that are the most relevant to countries that are seeking to attract private capital to their electricity sector, and in particular to the renewable energy sub-sector. In some cases, the relevance of an issue will depend upon the structure of a country's national electric system. In other cases, the issues and recommendations may have more universal application. Where the issues are specifically related to system structure, an attempt has been made to identify the structure that is being discussed and to indicate the applicability of the discussion to countries that incorporate that particular structure.
Author: Mark Lambrides, A. John Armstrong, Esq., Jan Hamrin
Date: 2000-09-13
Report Type: Report
Pages: 141, 0.66Mb
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