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The Potential for Energy Savings Certificates (ESC) as a Major Tool in Greenhouse Gas Reduction Programs
In existing cap-and-trade schemes, there is a need for effective energy efficiency measurement and verification programs, along with a credible tracking system that guards against double counting and identifies measures that meet "additionality" criteria. Energy savings certificates (ESCs), it is argued, may be the necessary tool to make this link. ESCs may be particularly useful to attract investment in hard-to-reach sectors (such as rental buildings, and weatherization in low-income communities) as well as to attract investment in energy efficiency measures with long paybacks that have been slow to enter into the market.
Author: Jan Hamrin, Edward Vine, Amber Sharick
Date: 2007-05-24
Report Type: Report
Pages: 109, 1.07Mb
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Small Government Challenges: A Collaborative Program for Energy Efficiency in Public Facilities
MarinEMT was created to serve the unique needs and issues of the 12 local governments and 19 school districts in Marin County, California, and serve as a pilot that can be replicated in other counties to serve historically hard-to-reach small communities. This paper was written for the ACEEE 2006 Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings.
Author: Tim Rosenfeld, Kyra Epstein
Date: 2006-01-01
Report Type: Paper
Pages: 13, 0.08Mb
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International Experience with Public Benefits Funds: A Focus on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency
Summarizes international experience with Public Benefit Fund (PBF) policies that target renewable energy (RE) and energy efficiency (EE) investments, and identifies lessons learned from these experiences that are applicable to the Chinese context.
Author: Ryan Wiser, Catherine Murray, Jan Hamrin, Rick Weston
Date: 2003-10-16
Report Type: Report
Pages: 100, 0.76Mb
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Public Policy Analysis of Energy Efficiency and Load Management in Changing Electricity Businesses
Many countries are restructuring their power sectors to stimulate private investment, increase operation and management efficiencies, and lower the cost of power. These reforms may shift many future energy production and consumption decisions from government regulators and utility monopolies to open markets. However, it's uncertain how the reforms will overcome major market barriers to energy efficiency. This paper focuses on the potential effectiveness of electricity industry reform and new mechanisms for promoting energy efficiency and load management under a restructured market.
Author: Edward Vine, Jan Hamrin, Nick Eyre, David Crossley, Michelle Maloney, Greg Watt
Date: 2002-01-01
Report Type: Report
Pages: 26, 0.27Mb
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