Grid-Connected Renewable Energy Generation Toolkit

This educational toolkit is made up of six presentations that include extensive notes and references. These slides may be used in a presentation format, in which case the notes may be more detailed than is appropriate for an oral presentation. However, the notes may be used as a self-tutorial educational tool. The notes of each slide build upon the information in the previous slide to provide analysis of the related subject matter. In addition, each slide contains references providing additional information for those interested in pursuing these topics in greater depth.

Overview Module (1.7 Mb) – includes an overview of renewable technologies and discussions of economic factors, barriers and policy strategies necessary to overcome the barriers common to most large grid-connected renewables.

Five technology modules provide greater detail concerning each technology: In addition, the toolkit includes two case studies: Finally, the toolkit includes an electronic reference library with bibliography.
  • Library (416.24 Mb). The reference numbers in the notes section of the slides correspond to the bibliography’s document numbers for quick reference.
  • abbreviations and acronyms (0.02 Mb) is included in the bibliography.
We acknowledge and thank the following authors:
  Overview - Dr. Jan Hamrin, HMW International, Inc.
Biomass - Matt Trask, Mathew Trask & Associates
Geothermal - Dr. Ron DiPippo, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Hydroelectric - Carlos Yermoli, Hydroscience Consulting, Inc. and Krish Krishnan, USAID
Solar electric (PV & CSP) - Dr. Jan Hamrin, HMW International, Inc. and Dr. Edward Kern, Irradiance
Solar PV case study - Dr. Edward Kern, Irradiance
Wind power - Dr. Joanna Lewis, Georgetown University
Wind power case study - Peter Banner, Support Resources, Inc.

Additional assistance was provided for the following:
  Finance - Steven Ferrey
Biomass support and Bibliography creation - Bob Ellers